dana greiner


Dana Greiner at Galerie Smudajescheck, Munich, 2020

„I myself prefer to describe my work as the large-scale expansion of painting. I urge a steady condensation, expansion and intensification of my work. Although the classic canvas plays an important role in my work, the picture is growing ever more frequently into space supplemented by projections, light, text, aspects of a stage-like performance situation, as in my current exhibition in the Hamburger Kunsthalle „Lüde in VII Ekcten“, in which I developed an abstract play that shows the static images on the wall through constantly changing moving painting , film, text, music and light mood in the room condenses the perception. Each of the seven acts is a separate work, but also follows a kind of dramaturgy of tangible abstraction, which combines the entirety of all individual acts into a whole and makes it perceptible as a synthesis. “ Dana Greiner

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