dana greiner


THE ABSURD BEAUTY OF SPACE – Seven Artists vs. Ungers

Lüde in vii Ekcten by Dana Greiner

“Beginning in the fall of 2020, the Hamburger Kunsthalle is presenting a series of shows in the Gallery of Contemporary Art featuring artistic positions that have rendered the spaces created by Oswald Mathias Unger and their architecture fruitful for their own work. New site-specific works are being created for and in the skylight gallery of the Unger building in close collaboration with the participating artists.

The seven artists on display as of 4 September understand their work explicitly as “spatial art” and are realizing projects in the Gallery of Contemporary Art that relate to the exhibition spaces and their internal and external visual impact. These are seven positions that leave (behind) the panel painting in order to conquer new dimensions for the painted surface. The works span a range from installation-based painting, via painterly assemblages and spatially expansive installations, to the projection onto or composition within the context of painting.” (source: https://www.hamburger-kunsthalle.de/en/exhibitions/absurd-beauty-space)

“Abstract forms, glowing colours and dynamically flowing video projections dominate the space. Dana Greiner (b. 1988 in Munich, lives in Munich) challenges us with static objects that yet seem to undergo metamorphoses, sounds that materialise along the walls, and fluctuating light that steers our perception. Two plump pompoms invite us to try to reconstruct Greiner’s perfor- mance setting in seven acts. Viewing the installation as a whole, we quickly lose track of what is going on. We are called upon to engage with the constant- ly expanding dimensions, to seek out alternate points of view and perspectives, and thus to react in some way to the changing arrangements. The surrounding exhibition architecture becomes a stage, with the viewers as actors.” (source: https://www.hamburger-kunsthalle.de/sites/default/files/begleitheft.pdf)

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