dana greiner


Lüde in v Ekcten

Die ersten Jahre der Professionalität #41, Galerie der Künstler*innen München

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Dana Greiner designs dramaturgical mixtures in her installations: spoken texts, musical composition, and expansive projections intertwine with painting and sculpture.
By pushing the media and materials used into one another, Greiner negotiates the respective format limitations, liquefying the rigid juxtaposition of genres through a method that works toward synthesis. Two-dimensionally painted geometric forms detach themselves from the wall, are translated into the three-dimensional, and can find their counterpart in a sculpture produced by 3D printing. Other forms, on the other hand, leave their originally painterly pictorial background, are digitized, relate to music and text, are projected into the exhibition space as animated fragments, and expand the pictorial boundaries. The division of the entire work into individual scenes underscores Greiner’s interest in the procedures of theater and provides the viewer with structures. In the simultaneous, dynamic juxtaposition of events, there is a direction, a linear progression, without heading towards a fixed dramaturgical climax or ultimate conclusion. Which of these triadic dimensions concern me, catch my eye, affect me, which ones am I willing to follow?

Ekct 1: danagreiner.com/bbk/ekct1.mp4

Ekct 2: danagreiner.com/bbk/ekct2.mp4

Ekct 3: danagreiner.com/bbk/ekct3.mp4

Ekct 4: danagreiner.com/bbk/ekct4.mp4

Ekct 5: danagreiner.com/bbk/ekct5.mp4

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