dana greiner


Now! Young Painting in Germany, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, 2019/2020

The vigilance with which Dana Greiner examines the characters of form, material and color, is a crucial characteristic of their artistic work. They are multilayered Realities created through the use of various painting techniques and often by yourself manufactured painting materials, including wax, acrylic media, oil, graphite, lacquer, resins and unbound pigment, come to the fore and enable various pictorial inventions. The different, processed image carriers, such as wood, canvas or Plexiglas, as well their carrier properties themselves come to light again and again. In search of what the material contains and what of it as If there can be interaction, compositions become directly on the medium developed. That which develops in a dialectical-reflexive process Material, color, form and spatial structure is looking for compression and Union. The strongly luminous and toned colors, the symmetry that is on certain places are broken, the blurring of contrasts, all of this creates a total cosmos for the viewer in which he layer by layer the Can understand reflections of the artist. From the viewer the Personal contribution to productive vision required. The necessary freedom of Visual experience is made possible by the absence of an iconographic reading direction enables. Dana Greiner’s works are influenced by literature, films, music and theater. this shows also in the choice of their title. So remembers „o.T. (tria balettte) ”to Oskar, for example Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, whereby the work is not only pictorial, but also that Captures tonal almost synaesthetically. Present the artistic worlds of Greiner mysterious. Installations have painterly elements in their casts the boundaries between object and painting become blurred and their pictures become with some exhibitions themselves to performers in a performance situation. Text by: Andrei Yagoubov and Sophie-Charlo9e Bombeck M.A

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