dana greiner


Balagon- Lüde in v Ekcten, Super+ Centercourt

Material, shape, color and light are essential components in Dana Greiner’s work. Although her vivid paintings and objects stand on their own, the artist urges to explore and expand the viewing possibilities in exhibition rooms. She works out multi-layered geometrical compositions on various image carriers, which, with the help of a large variety of materials, arrive at a complex unit. The title of the exhibition BALAGON is an artificial word created by Dana Greiner, from the Greek μπάλα bála for “ball” and γωνία, gonía for “corner”. Greiner’s works have an unmistakable aesthetic made up of radiant colors and abstract forms that are multi-layered and visually stimulating. In this way the viewer is asked to enter into a dynamic relationship with the works. The works, both on canvas and on Plexiglas, reflect the light and change their effect over the course of the day. The exposure to light from the sun has a strong influence on the work and enables an interplay of the composition. During the day the room is presented in a white cube situation. At the beginning of twilight, the exhibition is transformed into an area-filling light installation that makes the works themselves protagonists of a performance situation in five acts and opens the “Lüde in V Ekcten”. This video installation, specially developed for the rooms of the super + center court, connects the work with the room. The exhibition space becomes a stage and invites visitors to explore the viewing options within the gallery space for themselves. Through the different interplay of material and color, installation and sound, Greiner creates a multi-dimensional space. Visitors to the exhibition can use a QR code or the website www.balagon.de to listen to the artist’s music, which she composed in cooperation with Andrei Yagoubov. Text by Hannah Wells

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